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How to Get Rid of Malicious Viruses from your Laptop

It is a well-known fact that virus attacks are more imminent today than ever before. As such, it may mean having to invest in a strong antivirus that you will use to deter these malicious programs from infecting and multiplying on your computer. But what do you do when you cannot afford an antivirus software program yet you have a virus attack already? Continue reading for more info. on how you can remove a virus when you don’t have an antivirus in place.

First things first, you will know you have a virus attack when you start getting annoying pop-ups from programs you did not install. Others tell-tale signs of a virus attack include a slow computer, lost icons and lost documents and folders. It needs no mentioning that if you don’t run an antivirus program immediately, chances of losing all the info. stored on your computer are very high. It is therefore important that you do a thorough security scan of your computer should you notice any signs of an attack. But what to do when the attack has already happened or when you don’t have a program to conduct the scan?

The first step to successfully get rid of the virus is to know more about the kind of virus that you are dealing with. You can find some valuable info. On malicious programs installed by clicking on security messages that will show up on your screen. Once you have some vague info. On the virus, you can then find a website online that describes it in details. There is always this website that will contain all the information that you need to make a wise decision and especially when it comes to removing and preventing any further attack on your machine.

The next important step would be to back up data and documents on your laptop so you can perform a restore and recovery process. Go to the control panel on the system configuration setting to prevent the virus from opening. Once you identify the unfamiliar programs, you can delete or disable the items and then restart the machine when you have finished disabling or deleting the items. Again, delete all programs that look unfamiliar on the temporary files folders, or all those that match the info. you gathered online. Once that is done, you can then restart your computer and make sure you change all passwords to avoid having malicious programs accessing any more info. On your computer.

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